It is well known that video content is getting more attention, views, and feedback than ever before.  This means you definitely want to be putting out content in video format as much as possible.  The reason many of us don’t is because we don’t know how to do so in a way that is easy for us which is why I wanted to share with you 4 tools that are simple to use, effective, and eliminates any fancy editing programs that may intimidate you.


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Spark Post


This app does not require you to have any design skill at all!  It allows you to turn any text, graphic, or video into a professional looking, attention grabbing post in a matter of minutes.  One of its unique features is that you can actually animate your text only posts and export them as videos.



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We share this one a lot because it is the only free app that I know of that adds captions on the fly as you record.  No need to transcribe, no additional app needed, it writes them out as you go!  You can edit in the app and choose the style of captions you prefer.  This app is only available on the iPhone and only records in portrait.




This is a super simple app that is meant to add text to video.  You can use it to create the horizontal bars on the top and bottom of your video.  Note: it only works with widescreen formatted video.




The best overall mobile video editing software there is. You can trim to focus on highlights, add music to your videos, insert titles, include voiceovers, create smooth transitions, apply effects for enhancement, and easily share to social media platforms.


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These are some of our favorites, and we would love to hear what yours are!  Please share below.


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