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One of the big things that we tend to struggle with internally is what makes us different. We all have heard there’s not a unique, original thought out there. Everything’s been said, everything’s been done, and all we do as content creators is to put a new spin on it or we further the thought.


However, that’s not necessarily true.


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There’s something unique about the way you do what you do, the way you process information, the way that you share that information, and your viewpoints. That all stems from your experience.


You’re alive.




No one is you, and that’s what’s awesome about this. No one can have the same exact thought process, perspective, experiences as you, which is unique in itself.


But if you were trying to get your book published, or get some media attention, or get some brand deals, even get listeners and grow your following, there’s really one thing that people want to know. And that is…Why you?


What makes you different?


There are five questions and exercises you can walk yourself through to help make yourself more convicted that you are different and sell yourself to other people on believing that you are as well.


The first thing is thinking through what actually makes you unique as a messenger. Is it your personality? Or your thoughts? Is it where you’re coming from? Is it your delivery? What is different about you as a messenger that is appealing?


Secondly, what is the angle that you’re taking that’s different from how this has ever been presented before? This is what’s going to separate you as a content creator or as a writer, an author, or speaker. What can you add to further the thought? Can you provide a different perspective? Can you give a new angle? To be able to think through ‘how can I position this in a way that’s different than I’ve ever seen before’ is going to give you a leg up. It’s going to make you stand out.


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How to Identify Your Audience


The third thing is what’s unique about the audience that you’re pursuing. What makes that audience special? Why are they a niche for you? What is different about the people that you were going after to connect with? Is it a community that does X, Y, and Z?? Is it that they have never been exposed to this before? That it’s so opposite of who you are and what you normally do in your circle? That alone makes it unique.


The fourth is what is unique about your process. The process that you took time to discover the findings that you were actually sharing. Did you do a study or a survey? Did you interview people to do hosts a focus group? What was your process? Did you go on a journey yourself? For example, we have clients right now that are going through parts of Africa that aren’t necessarily safe for them to be in. And that is the process they’re going through in order to put together content that they’re going to present. And so it’s really unique for them to be doing that. What is different about the approach you’re taking in order to come up with these conclusions, these thoughts, these ideas?


Current Events


Lastly, what is unique about the timing right now in history, in our climate that you were creating this work, whether that’s a political climate, a religious climate an actual climate. What is different? What’s unique? What’s special about the timing right now? Are there any movements going on? Is there any really big divide in the country or in the world around this specific area? What is going to be different? And there may not be something here.


Again, for each one of these, there may not be something super unique in each one of these questions. However, in one, two or three of them, there should be.


I would encourage you to take the time to think through and figure out how you can express yourself in a unique way, where your convicted and you were confident and you can completely articulate it in a clear way of why you are the person that should be featured or should be talked to or be promoted and get followed for this matter.

With that being said, take some time, discover your uniqueness, and if you need help, feel free to reach out to me directly at [email protected] Thank you. Hope that helps you all.


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