Have you ever walked away from a personal development, motivational, inspirational type book and thought, “That book could have been better” but you weren’t sure exactly what it was that you didn’t love about it?


Or, have you ever seen a speaker and the feedback you had was, “They were funny and had great stories, but I didn’t take anything major away from them?”


Maybe you listened to a podcast and you found it educational but not exactly informative?


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If you can relate to any of that above, I would bet that they were missing behavior drivers.  When people read a book or buy a ticket to see a speaker or tune into a podcast, they are looking for a way to improve, to change.  Whether or not they are aware of it, that is what they want.  It is your job as the content creator to give people what they need in order to drive a change in their behavior that leads to something better for themselves.



Driving Behavioral Changes


There are 3 elements to driving behavioral changes in people.


The more specific, the more terrific.

People don’t want ideas; they want to know the what and the how.  The specifics!  This is why you see so many people sharing their morning routines, or their workouts, or their meditation practices.  Do not just tell them to do something, give them the tools to do it!


Become a part of their daily lives. 

Focus on something that impacts their everyday life because then you are connecting with them every single day.  You become the gift that keeps on giving!  Some examples of this are Miracle Morning, The 5-Second Rule, The 5 Love Languages, and Take the Stairs.


Be a switch; not a dial

It’s about immediacy.  What can they do right now, starting today, without hesitation, that will improve their lives?  Make it simple, even if it isn’t easy.


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For every chapter in your book, every main piece of your keynote, every episode of your podcast, identify a behavioral change you can provide for others and give them the actual steps to doing so.  The litmus test at the end of the day is asking, “if someone did all of these, would it work”?  If the answer is yes, you will be memorable.  If the answer is no, you have some work to do.  At Brand Builders Group, we know that work can be hard, so we created a 2-day workshop specifically around creating content.  If you want to learn more about this, comment below and we will reach out!


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