Hosting a radio show and building an audience can be a grueling process and it helps to have a few tricks under your sleeve. The value of good preparation, consistency, and having a big dose of self-esteem can go a very long way. This is especially true if you want to transition into new markets – like our guest today. We were fortunate to be joined on the show by Alberto Sardiñas who gets into his own journey with hosting radio shows and podcasts and building his US following too. Alberto is the host of the wildly successful Spanish story-based radio show Intimo in which Alberto gives personal advice to listeners who call in. He has 2.8 million Facebook fans!


In this episode Alberto gets into his journey to becoming such a successful host in Spain, talking about his college days and initial desire to use whichever studios he could just to experience what it is like to be on the mic. He also talks about a huge dip his life took with three major personal and professional blows, and how that terrible process actually turned into the beginning of Intimo and several other big career successes. Alberto gives some great advice for building an audience, navigating conversations on the air, and his journey starting his US show The Passion Accomplished today. He stresses the idea of relying on personal past successes, consistent effort, and is also a strong believer in the high preparation required to give off an air of spontaneity in discussions. It was a blessing to have Alberto on to speak about what it’s like to be on the other side of the mic, so make sure you catch this one to hear it all from the man himself! 



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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Albertos journey getting into radio through his dads passion for it. 


  • Early radio shows Alberto ran which covered college-related content. 


  • The value of patience and consistency in building audiences internationally. 


  • How Alberto tapped US markets during his MBA at the University of Miami. 


  • A rough time Alberto went through personally and professionally involving three losses. 


  • The beginning of Intimo: an opportunity Alberto got while he was depressed from his losses. 


  • How everybody should be prepared for great opportunities to come from bad moments. 


  • What makes a great host: intense preparation that then comes across as improvisation. 


  • Using depth of research rather than pure delivery to be a great host. 


  • How important clarity of message, intention, and purpose are for delivery. 


  • Differences in approaching podcasting compared to radio: broad vs niche focus. 


  • The value of having 1000 true fans who can be leveraged for success. 


  • How Alberto manages babbling guests by vetting them first. 


  • Successful conversational shows: those with an alignment between purpose and audience. 


  • Albertos penetration of new markets using his past experience, consistency, and self-belief. 


  • The value of using coaches or other assistance to help you as far as saving time. 


and so much more!


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Tweetable Moments

The key to building a personal brand is patience and consistency. You have to be willing to commit to the long term when it comes to getting your message out there. -- @albertosardinas  

The key to building a #personalbrand is #patience and #consistency. You have to be willing to #commit to the long term when it comes to getting your #message out there. - @albertosardinas #influentialpersonalbrandpodcast… Click To Tweet


People focus too much on content form and the delivery medium that they forget the essence of the message. Focus on having a great message and you can share it in any medium. -- @albertosardinas

People #focus too much on #content form and the delivery medium that they forget the essence of the #message. Focus on having a great message and you can share it in any medium. - @albertosardinas #influentialpersonalbrandpodcast… Click To Tweet


As long as you’re aligned with your purpose, and you understand who your ideal listener is, you can deliver tremendous value to an audience. -- @albertosardinas

As long as you're aligned with your purpose, and you understand who your ideal listener is, you can deliver tremendous value to an audience. - @albertosardinas #influentialpersonalbrandpodcast #personalbrand… Click To Tweet


You never know when your big opportunity is going to come. But what you can do is work every day to be prepared for when it does-- @albertosardinas

You never know when your big opportunity is going to come. But what you can do is work every day to be prepared for when it does. - @albertosardinas #influentialpersonalbrandpodcast #personalbrand… Click To Tweet


The secret to improvising is not to improvise.@albertosardinas  

The secret to improvising is not to improvise.— @albertosardinas #influentialpersonalbrandpodcast #personalbrand Click To Tweet


 I made the decision to deliver a podcast episode every Monday morning.— @albertosardinas

I made the decision to deliver a podcast episode every Monday morning.— @albertosardinas #influentialpersonalbrandpodcast #personalbrand Click To Tweet


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About Alberto Sardiñas

Alberto Sardiñas is a celebrity Spanish radio host, author of multiple books and keynote speaker. With a social media following of close to 2.8 million fans, people all over the world look to Alberto for advice and inspiration on how they can achieve their dreams. Companies like The Home Depot, Walmart, Verizon, Delta Airlines, Bank of America and Starbucks have trusted Alberto to get their message out to the world. His insights have been featured in national media like People En Español, Ocean Drive en Español, Venue Magazine, and more. He has an MBA from the University of Miamiis an active supporter of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and is passionate about helping people accomplish their goals and live out their dreams. As a show host and a mentor, Alberto can help anyone feeling frustrated with where they are in life to fulfill their greater calling, while still working their day job, using his proprietary Passion Accomplished Method. 


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