In this recap edition of the show, Rory gives his biggest takeaways from his most recent interview with Ed Tate. Rory and Ed have been friends for a long time and the pair were grateful to get a chance to sit down and formally talk business after so many years. One of the most hard-hitting points Ed made was about the possibility of generating business in any economy by using the simple method of reaching out.


Rory also gets into the importance of what Ed calls never putting up a zero, by which he means doing at least one thing to push your business forward each day. In the final leg of this episode, Rory spends some time talking about how necessary it is to invest in a dream in order to realize it, because if you dont invest in your dream, how can you expect somebody else to? Catch you on the other side! 



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Key Points From This Episode:


  • New meaning which Eds words have to Rory all these years later. 


  • Reaching out as a method for finding business in every economy. 


  • The value of having many different avenues of reaching out. 


  • A reminder to do one productive brand building activity each day. 


  • Major wins which Brand Builders Group has had in the past year. 


  • The necessity of investing time and money in your own dream. 


  • How doctors pay so much toward their future thus entrepreneurs should too.


  • Using readiness to spend money on a dream to tell whether you truly want it.


  • Why BBG works with high profile clients but also offers low price point services. 


and so much more!


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Almost always you can repurpose the content that youre doing in many different places.” —  @roryvaden [0:05:30] 

“Almost always you can #repurpose the #content that you’re doing in many different places.” — @roryvaden @ETate #content #career #entrepreneur #speaker #author #personalbrand #influentialpersonalbrandpodcast… Click To Tweet


Never put up a zero.” — @ETate [0:07:32] 

“Never put up a zero.” — @ETate #content #speaker #author #personalbrand #entrepreneur #influentialpersonalbrandpodcast Click To Tweet


You have to invest in your dream.” —  @ETate [0:10:15] 

“You have to #invest in your #dream.” — @ETate #speaker #author #personalbrand #entrepreneur #influentialpersonalbrandpodcast Click To Tweet


Doctors spend more money than everybody else on their education. It should be no different for entrepreneurs. Its just that their education happens in a different place.” — @roryvaden [0:11:36] 

“#Doctors spend more #money than everybody else on their #education. It should be no different for #entrepreneurs. It’s just that their education happens in a different place.” — @roryvaden @ETate #content #speaker #author… Click To Tweet


I have never invested in any program where I didnt at least learn enough to get my money back.” — @roryvaden [0:18:03] 

“I have never #invested in any program where I didn’t at least #learn enough to get my #money back.” — @roryvaden @ETate #content #speaker #entrepreneur #author #personalbrand #influentialpersonalbrandpodcast… Click To Tweet


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About Ed Tate

Ed Tate won the “American Idol of Public Speaking” and became the World Champion of Public Speaking; Toastmasters International’s most prestigious speaking award among its 352,000+ members. Ed has also earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from the National Speakers Association and to date, he has spoken professionally in 50 states, 2countries and on 5 continents. His professional expertise is delivered through his signature program High-Stakes Business Presentations: How to Sell Products, Services and Yourself! 




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And until next time, remember that building a business isn’t nearly as valuable as building a reputation.


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