Join our clients, Kenny Simpson and Krystle Moore as they sit down with their Personal Brand Strategist, Kristen Hartnagel and discuss the importance of a personal brand to build a business and gain that credibility.


From Property Management, Commercial Lending, Residential Lending, Kenny and Krystle have a lot of insights on life. Krystle is a commercial lender and Kenny Simpson, a residential lender. Together they are a power couple in all things Real Estate.  Their podcast features guests who have been influential on topics such as Real Estate, Business, Personal, Lifestyle, including Fitness and Health.



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In This Episode:


  • The Importance of building your personal brand


  • How your personal brand can grow your business


  • What your TARGET audience is and how you can scale on that


  • & so much more!



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Kristen Hartnagel | The Brand Builders Group | Branding Services


As a Professional Singer, songwriter and recording artist, her favorite way to deliver her message is with keynote concerts. Throughout her career, Kristen has been part of 4 startups. Working with NYT bestselling authors, award-winning talent management agents and 7-figure influencers. She is leading a movement to help people release the past, live in the present, and take charge of their future.


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