When it comes to learning the mechanics of world-class speaking, who might we look up to as role models? It is not the highest paid speakers, celebrities, or politicians, but rather the World Championship of Public Speaking winners who truly set the benchmark. They are the masters who have turned this craft into a science. Todays guest is Ed Tate, himself a World Championship winner, and one of Rorys early idols. Ed is a Certified Speaking Professional and has been a corporate trainer, keynote speaker, and executive coach for people who want to make winning high stakes presentations for over 20 years. He joins us on the show today to share his perspectives about what building a reputation and staying on top of your game truly means.


Ed speaks about an early strategy he used to build his following by selling the products of other companies while simultaneously leveraging their audiences. Joining this episode, you will also hear about how Ed managed his huge early successes, as he shares the thought processes that helped him choose between a career in corporate America and a one in professional speaking. He also has some wise words of advice around the urgency he felt to actively leverage his reputation after winning the World Championship, as he knew he had a temporary window in which to make the most out of that success. Ed literally went from being a child with a stutter to a World Championship-winning speaker so tune in to hear the finer details of how it all happened! 



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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Eds perspectives on reputation.


  • The idea that its a tragedy to have no reputation if youre talented.


  • Fundamental building blocks of reputation: distinctiveness and knowledge of ones brand. 


  • Contributors to Eds success: winning the World Championships and becoming a CSP. 


  • Benefits of working for Career Track: stage time and brand association. 


  • How Ed learned that once you are on stage you have a right to own it. 


  • The importance of only working for a company to build your reputation temporarily.


  • Eds motivation for getting into speaking: his childhood stutter. 


  • Early activities that prepared Ed to be a great speaker: basketball commentating and more. 


  • Eds experiences with, and approach to, winning the World Championship. 


  • How Ed realized he needed to leverage his victory, not just sit back and enjoy it.


  • The decision Ed made to keep speaking as a hobby if he couldnt make money from it.


  • A bet Ed hedged to give his speaking an 18 month period to succeed. 


  • How Ed had a mindset shift after losing his business and hearing a less fortunate story. 


  • The never put up a zero’ mentality that Ed took on after losing his business. 


  • Combinations of factors that led to Eds speaking gigs: writing, mass mailers, and social. 


  • Avenues to advertise yourself and how Ed learned he needed more of them. 


  • The value of investing for your interest, or investing based on your needs, not trends. 


  • Final advice from Ed: prepare for pressure, and start today! 


and so much more!


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Reputation, I think, is that mental space that you possess in someone elses head.” — @ETate [0:03:20] 

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Theres nothing on stage I cant handle.” — @ETate [0:09:54] 

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There are significantly more important things in the world than you losing your business.” — @ETate [0:19:58] 

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Inertia, procrastination, and perfection – they cost you money. Activity improves morale, motivation, and it makes you money, so start.” — @ETate [0:32:35] 

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About Ed Tate

Ed Tate won the “American Idol of Public Speaking” and became the World Champion of Public Speaking; Toastmasters International’s most prestigious speaking award among its 352,000+ members. Ed has also earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from the National Speakers Association and to date, he has spoken professionally in 50 states, 2countries and on 5 continents. His professional expertise is delivered through his signature program High-Stakes Business Presentations: How to Sell Products, Services and Yourself! 


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And until next time, remember that building a business isn’t nearly as valuable as building a reputation.


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