Hey guys, I’m Elyse Archer, your founding team member and personal brand strategist with Brand Builders Group. I get this question that I’m going to answer for you all the time and so I’m really excited to talk with you about it today.


The question is how much should I give away for free in my content? If you’re watching this, you are very likely interested in becoming known as a top thought leader in your space. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, whether you’re in sales, you want to be known as a top authority in your space so that people want to work with you, they reach out to you for opportunities. And you know one of the ways you need to do that is to start sharing your thought leadership. But a lot of times there’s this fear that if I give away everything I know, then what are people going to hire me for?


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I feel that’s very scarcity-minded. Here’s the reason why. We were having a training call yesterday. We do these twice a month virtual training calls for our Brand Implementation clients (Click here to find out how to join!). Rory Vaden, who’s one of our co-founders, was teaching on it. We were talking about this very topic and I love the way he basically answered this question. He said, ‘People don’t pay for information, they pay for application and customization.’


People don't pay for information, they pay for #application and #customization - @roryvaden @elysearcher How much free content should you be giving away? Read more on our blog http://brandbuildersgroup.com #freecontent… Click To Tweet


Free Information is Everywhere!


Now I want you to really think about that. Information…(Hello, Google!) You can get answers to whatever you need anywhere. However, what people will pay for is somebody to help them figure out how to make that information work in their life. So for example, with all the video content that I do, I teach everything I know about building a personal brand and building better business relationships. Obviously it will take me forever to share everything I know. So it’s like a nonstop journey. But I teach that for free.


Now, if you want me to help you figure out how to do it for you, then that’s when you engage with me as a client. And it’s the exact same thing that you would do in your own brand. I really just want to encourage you to not be afraid to share your wisdom and really give away what you know.


There’s a great book if you have not read it, called Utility by Jay Baer. I highly recommend it. It’ll be amazing for you if you like what I’m talking about here and you’re trying to figure out what your content strategy is. I really just want to encourage you not to have that scarcity thinking with what you’re teaching and don’t be afraid to share your knowledge and be generous with it and put it out into the world.


It’ll speed up the process with which you become known as a thought leader. You will get more people reaching out to you to work with them and it’ll feel good because you’re sharing and making a positive impact in the world.


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So I hope that was helpful to you guys and I’d really love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


Do you try to do this in your content strategy?


Do you ever struggle with, ‘Oh man, am I giving away too much for free? ‘.


Please let me know what you think. I really want to continue the conversation down there, and as always, if I can be of service or help, reach out to me, send me a direct message. I’d love to connect with you and get to know you better and help you really shine in your space. So thank you for taking the time to watch this video today. I wish you a beautiful day and I will see you again soon for my next video. Bye guys.






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Elyse Archer is a founding team member and Personal Brand Strategist with Brand Builders Group whose insights have been featured major media including Forbes and Inc. She is a keynote speaker and host of the Instant Impact podcast. She shares best practices from top business leaders who have created extraordinary relationships and results in less time. With a degree in Journalism from UNC-Chapel Hill and over 10 years experience in the digital marketing industry, Elyse leverages her background to help people position themselves as thought leaders in their space. Visit ElyseArcher.com for more.



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