This week Brand Builders Group Co-founder, Rory Vaden sits down with Chris Harder on his podcast, For the Love of Money.

Chris Harder is a Life and Career Coach but is widely known for running one of the most successful podcasts in its genre, For The Love Of Money  Tune in as each week, Chris will be giving you every tool you need to be unapologetically successful. These episodes will share the secrets, tips, and incredible stories of how wealthy entrepreneurs, celebrities, and people of influence have risen to the top, and what they’ve done to make this world a better place as a result of their success. Chris Harder pulls out the best in people, proving that when good people make good money, they do great things!


As for this episode with Rory, Chris says:

“I am so excited to sit down with today’s guest. I interview Rory Vaden, the hottest thing when it comes to helping people become successful personal brands. His firm, Brand Builders Group, is the single best resource out there for taking you and your message, creating a personal brand out of you, getting you recognition, and monetizing you.

I’m going to pick his brain on the reputation formula, how to stand out when everyone else is trying to be a brand, and finding where you need to concentrate on your business. This episode alone could change your life and your business forever.”


Question Highlights:


  • What was success for you as a kid?


  • Defines success for you now.


  • What is your formula on how to multiply time?


  • Is it too saturated to become a personal brand?


  • Can you explain the concept of Sheehan’s Wall?



You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Moving beyond the physical wants


  • Creating a ripple effect of impact


  • How to multiply time


  • Taking advantage of automation


  • Cutting through the noise and gaining attention


  • Not being afraid to say the same thing as someone else


  • Being known for one thing


Resources Mentioned:


Procrastinate on Purpose


Click here to listen to the full episode



Connect With Rory

Rory Vaden | The Brand Builders Group | Branding ServicesRory Vaden is the New York Times bestselling author of Take the Stairs. His insights have been featured in the Wall St. Journal, Forbes, CNN, Entrepreneur, Inc, and several other major media outlets. As a world-renowned speaker, his TEDx talk has been viewed over 2 million times. He is the Co-Founder of Brand Builders Group and the host of the Influential Personal Brand podcast. Visit for more.


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