Kristen Cullen is a guest this week on the Calibrate Real Estate Podcast with Kyle Malnati. Kyle is a real estate broker specializing in multifamily and investment sales.


After 16 years in real estate, Kristen’s husband was diagnosed with cancer. She made the selfless choice to leave her career and become his primary caregiver. During his battle with cancer, Kristen was constantly serving and looking for ways to improve the lives of those around her – even if that meant fundraising for new medical cancer treatments for the benefit of future cancer patients.


After her husbands passing, Kristen knew she had to get back into the workforce to raise her three children. But things had changed, and her passions had shifted. Today, Kristen is Brand Strategist with Brand Builders and works with her real estate agent clients every day to discover their passions, their uniqueness, and what one world problem they are solving with their service.


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Tune into this very special episode of how who you are today, is truly serving who you used to be.




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