Don’t re-tell the story. Re-live the story.


You can always tell the people who do this because the emotion comes out without them meaning for it. Whether you are interviewing someone on your podcast or if you are speaking from stage, your ability to get someone else or yourself re-live the story is crucial. Examples of this would be Lewis Howes interviewing Ed Mylett on his podcast or Brendan Burchard telling the story of his accident when he was 19 years old. When someone relives a story, they are moved emotionally which means the byproduct of that is so are other people. This doesn’t mean that your stories always have to be emotional in a way that you are heartbroken or crying. All we mean by moving people emotionally is to have them experience the journey with you. These stories can be funny, suspenseful, frustrating, but we want our audience to feel something!


Remember always that “the story is in the struggle.”


Remember always that “the story is in the struggle.” - @Elle_Petrillo #brandbuildersgroup #personalbranding #uniqueness #personalbrand Click To Tweet


Many people, myself included, have a habit of sharing stories in this format. This happened, then this, so I did that, and the result was x. We are all about sharing the facts in the timeline they happened and expecting people to find it as hilarious as we did or get as fired up as we felt.




There are people that share their story but only in a highlight reel format. They skip the struggle. They aren’t willing to allow people to see where they were hurting, where they messed up, where they didn’t have it all figured out. And because of this, two things happen. You are depriving people of believing that they can have the transformation you did, and you come across as unrelatable.


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Your struggle is what part of your credibility. It is why people feel like you can understand them. Share it!

Your struggle is what part of your credibility. It is why people feel like you can understand them. Share it! - @Elle_Petrillo #personalbranding #brandbuildersgroup #struggle #creditbility #uniqueness #personalbrand Click To Tweet


“Tell an “I” focused story with a “You” focused message.” -Craig Valentine


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A common concern we hear at Brand Builders Group is around the idea of sharing a personal story and even though it will help people to hear, they don’t want to make it all about them. So how do you get around that? You make it about your audience. This is why it is so important to only share stories that are scars and not wounds. If you are still working through it, you are not aware of the point or message yet. You have not learned it. When it becomes a scar, you are able to dissect it and gather knowledge from it. In every story that you tell, determine what the main point is that your audience needs to hear, and share the lesson.


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