There is nothing like a good red carpet recap. Trendsetters. Fashion Victims. Who should never show their face again. People make jobs out of this, people! Well, I like to do that, but with brand content. I know, I know- I am not the most fun person at the Oscar watch party. I’d rather be talking GoPro over Gucci or Fast Company over Ferragamo. Invite me anyway. I like a good party.


Call to Action Award


Clear calls to Action are critical if you want to build a brand that engages and converts followers. These brands understand the value in actively inviting people into the narrative.


Campaign: #essielove


Who knew that a nail polish company could be so engaging? Essie created the hashtag #essielove with the call to action to post a picture of your manicure or pedicure using Essie polish. The response was overwhelming with almost 300,000 people posting using the hashtag.



Essie did a great job of inviting women (and men) into their brand by showcasing individual looks on the Instagram and saved their creative people a TON of work by allowing user-generated content to carry their Instagram campaign over the finish line- and beyond. If there is one thing people love it’s being featured.


Runner Up: GoPro



Also great with user-generated content – GoPro really allows their follower to experience adventure through the lenses of GoPro users. The fact that it is video content is a plus- content selling product and experience (solution): “Buy a GoPro and become adventure will be yours.”


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Relatability Award


Passion is a huge part of engagement. Do you actually care about the content you are creating? It shows and it matters when developing your personal brand.


Winner: Chrissy Teigen


Chrissy has one of the best brands in Instagram (IMHO). Chrissy invites us into her family life in the best of ways. From calling out her husband to showcasing her cooking casualties, Chrissy is endearing to her 6.5 million followers because, despite her wealth and fame she is still relatable.


Raise your hand if you relate to her post below. Chrissy puts a voice to the way we feel in a humorous way, and that makes us a loyal follower.


When you build a brand around what you are passionate about. (family, cooking) and create authentic content around them, then big brands take notice and engage you– Target cough, cough. Next thing you know, you have your own Target Line.

When you build a brand around what you are passionate about. (family, cooking) and create authentic content around them, then big brands take notice and engage you @chrissyteigen #personalbranding #content #reputation… Click To Tweet



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Get with the Times Award


One of the easiest things to do is think about what goes on around you and figure out how to show the issues through the lens of your personal brand. You can also look at this as a side of personal brand passion by flipping the question to: “What really pisses you off?” “What are the injustices you see that you want to right?”


Winner: Luvvie Ajai Jones (slightly biased because she’s a client BUT this IS my article so she gets the W over King James).


Luvvie does a great job of speaking truth to power through the lens of her personal brand. She is not afraid to be honest and upfront about her views on what’s happening in the world around her. Luvvie does a great job of opening a conversation and engaging in meaningful ways with her followers. She has a voice and allows others to, too.



Runner Up: Lebron James



Lebron had the most retweeted tweet by an athlete in 2017. It was political, aimed at someone in particular (any guesses??), it was simple and to the point- no bells and whistles and man it got TRACTION. Lebron’s most engaging tweets center around politics and current events. Not. Even. Basketball. He understands he has a voice and yields it well- his massive personal brand is often positioned to seek justice for the underdog. Be it children through his foundation, NCAA players, etc. The consistency of the message across multiple platforms is what keeps people coming back to his account (that and the fact that he is a basketball legend). They know the lens he sees everything through.


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Up and Coming Micro-Influencer Award (10,000- 100,000 followers)

Micro-influencers are much more accessible, and with enough work, you can get similar results—improved brand awareness, more traffic to your website, and more engagement on social media—but at a much lower price.


Winner: Kim Spradlin Wolfe


Kim is no stranger to seeing “winner” by her name. The winner of Survivor: One World, Kim took 5 years off of social media, post-win to build her family. She recently reemerged and built a steady following around her brand pivot, her passion- interior design.


She first leveraged her platform to gather products from brands as she designed some pretty major influencer’s homes.


What she found was that brands were more likely to give her product when she asked for her personal projects that she had control of marketing and not on behalf of influencer’s brands/projects.


When you understand the power you have with your brand focus the more engaging brand you will build.

When you understand the power you have with your brand focus the more engaging brand you will build. #brandbuildersgroup #personalbranding #influentialpersonalbrand #focus Click To Tweet



So… Red Carpet Recap


1. Make your calls to action obvious (what are you driving people to?)

2. Be relatable (build a brand around your passion and convey that to others)

3. Join in the conversation about what’s happening in the world around you (but ALWAYS keep it in the lens of your brand)

4. Sometimes it pays to stay in your lane (hone in on what problem you solve and solution your provide!)


Connect with Elizabeth

Elizabeth Stephens is a StoryBrand certified marketing consultant, personal brand strategist and co-founder of the Gus Owen Stephens Foundation. Something you should know, she loves to win. Whether that be at the game of pickleball or at the game of marketing, Elizabeth loves to win FOR people and the causes she fiercely believes in. That manifests itself in the hard work of strategic direction, building clear offerings, enticing messaging and immense ideation with herself, her clients and anyone looking to make a difference.

After losing a child to a rare genetic condition she got serious about giving back because good needs to prevail in times of hardship. That passion led to the non-profit world where she helped found the Gus Owen Stephens Foundation a nonprofit that provides quality of life care for children with life-limiting illness and their families. Today she lives in Texas with her husband, a social media GURU who once capitalized on a rift between Drake and Meek Mil that went viral. She has 3 small children who constantly keep her on her toes, and let’s be honest, make her the best version of herself (mostly on the inside, so excuse the bags under the eyes). She is a do-gooder with a servant’s heart, a competitive nature and a fierce commitment to building stellar brands for individuals who influence the world for good. Let’s get busy building, get busy serving, and get busy Leaving. Your. Mark.


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