The big news right now is that Instagram will soon start hiding likes on photos and videos in your feed. You will still be able to see how many likes your posts get, but you won’t see that information on others’ posts. And, in turn, they won’t see it on yours.


This is a good thing.


Deemphasizing likes will shift the focus to what’s truly important; conversations.


Deemphasizing likes will shift the focus to what’s truly important; conversations. #connect #personalbranding #brandbuildersgroup Click To Tweet


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Likes, for better or worse, are not true signs of engagement or influence. Heck, you can buy likes. But what you can’t buy is a genuine connection with someone. That real, honest back-and-forth is what the platform is designed to provide. And this move is a step in the right direction.


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When we talk about influence at Brand Builders Group, it’s about moving people to take action, not about how many likes you can get on a picture or a video. Being an influencer and creating engagement is about making a difference and motivating people. It’s about teaching and helping them. And, yes, it’s often about making money (which isn’t a bad thing!).


True influence is getting people to answer your call to action. Whether that is getting your followers to read your blog post, request a free call with you, sign up for your training program, buy your products, etc., that is the measure of success on Instagram… not how many likes you get.


This will also start making Instagram less of a popularity contest based on a quick glance and a double-tap. It will push creators to bring more meaningful content to the table.


So, remember, Instagram is doing us all a favor. Embrace the change!


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Thomas Dodson is a founding member and Personal Brand Strategist at Brand Builders Group and is Co-founder of Above The Fray. As a personal brand strategist, Thomas teaches people how to build and monetize their personal brands. In addition, Thomas is a family internet safety expert. He’s spoken at schools, churches, and community centers across the country – educating and engaging parents to get involved in their children’s’ digital lives.


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