This post is a continuation of ‘An Introduction to Podcasting: Part 1.’ As a recap, the first 3 strategical pieces of starting a Podcast are:


  • Premise – the purpose of your podcast
  • Outline – your overall structure
  • Dollars – your monetization plan.


Now we are introducing the last 4 parts; Content, Audience, Syndication, and Technology.



This is the fun part and it is two-fold! You get to decide the format of how you would like to deliver your content. Some examples are interviews, monologues, coaching calls, Q&A, and free flow. In order to decide, ask yourself these questions:


1. What do I naturally do already?
2. What can I do that would be simple for me to take action on?
3. What would I truly enjoy doing?
4. What does my audience want?



Knowing who you are creating this podcast for is one of the major keys to a successful podcast. Your podcast is not going to be for everyone and that is fantastic! But you have to be dialed in on who you are targeting for the sake of your own clarity but also for when you get into the game of running ads.


You have to be dialed in on who you are targeting for the sake of your own clarity but also for when you get into the game of running ads. - @Elle_Petrillo #podcasting #brandbuildersgroup Click To Tweet


At Brand Builders Group, we encourage you to create an avatar for your podcast where you focus not only on demographics but also on psychographics.



There are a variety of listening streams that are available to people today. You want to make sure that you are publishing your podcast on the following locations:



If you don’t currently have a blog, schedule a brand strategy call right now!



Technology is where many people get stuck OR invest into a ton of equipment but are not sure what to do with it. There are 4 categories of tech that we need to invest in: hardware, software, set-up, and music. This is everything from headphones, ring lights, filters, microphones, tracking tools, media hosts, recording and editing options, echo blockers, royalty music and so much more. For our full list of recommended technology and tools, e-mail me directly at [email protected] and I will send it to you.



Podcast Power Special Live Event

As you start working on your podcast development, make sure to ask us about our upcoming specialty event, Podcast Power. It will be held in Nashville on November 21st & 22nd. If interested, schedule a call to learn more!


The Podcast Power Strategy Session includes a full overview, planning, and initial execution for establishing a brand new podcast or re-launching an existing one. The themes of our 2-day workshop include but are not limited to the following:


  • Identifying the purpose and premise of the show and positioning it to stand out in a crowded marketplace
  • Developing a show flow outline for a consistent rhythm
  • Writing scripts for key recurring segments of the show
  • Exploring the various monetization aspects of podcast ROI
  • Planning a lead capture strategy
  • Providing advanced show hosting tips and techniques
  • Outlining processes for booking powerful guests
  • Cultivating strategies to maximize your audience reach
  • Mapping out a plan for consistent syndication
  • Answering the details of the technological considerations


Sign up now, seats will go fast!


To learn more about how to build and monetize your personal brand, click here for our free video course


Connect with Elle

Elle Petrillo | The Brand Builders Group | Branding ServicesElle Petrillo is the Host of the upcoming Unfiltered Life Podcast where she challenges people to stop pretending and own who they are. From New York to Montana, Disney Cast member to Door to Door Sales, Partner at 23 to fired at 31, Elle is unapologetically flawed. She is a founding member of Brand Builders Group, where she delivers the honest truth about what it takes to turn your personality into profit.



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