There’s still time to sign up for our two-day live event, Bestseller Book Outline, coming up August 28th and 29th.


When it comes to credibility and standing out in your space, nothing provides more impact than having your own book. The perception of your expertise and authority increases in the minds of your audience. At our Bestseller Book Outline Session, personal brand strategists not only help you with a plan for writing your book but, perhaps even more importantly, a plan for selling your book:


Writing Your Book

  • Identify your book’s core premise and unique message to position you as a thought leader
  • Clarify who your book is written for; Learn the exact audience demographics and psychographics
  • Create a clear supporting chapter outline for your book
  • Brainstorm advanced content/diagrams/frameworks and more to strengthen the messaging of your book and its “stickiness” to readers.
  • Develop or enhance your book cover concept
  • Assimilate an in-text sales and lead capture strategy
  • Evaluate the incorporation of research and data
  • Acquire time-saving tips to hit your publishing deadlines
  • Learn techniques to unlock your emotional credibility


Selling Your Book


  • Think through and identify the core components of your book proposal
  • Assess which is right for your book; traditional publisher or self-publish
  • Understand how bestseller lists work
  • Craft a plan for acquiring the endorsements you need to build credibility
  • Brainstorm a list of bulk buy bonuses
  • Lockdown a bundled offer strategy with affordable digital enhancements
  • Script a media segment pitch strategy
  • Learn about our bulk buyers target hit list
  • Prepare for a podcast tour
  • Build a dedicated and scalable funnel to justify consistent ad spend
  • Structure an actionable and executable social media launch plan
  • Document a list of interview questions for show hosts and affiliate partners
  • Inventory a comprehensive list of reach mechanisms for getting the word out
  • Evaluate and assess alternative creative marketing techniques
    • Virtual summits
    • Free plus shipping
    • Galley copies
    • Book tours that work


You’ll be an author with a book in no time!


You can learn more by clicking here.


And don’t take our word for how great this will be. Click the video below to learn how attending one of our two-day events impacted Jessica Carroll.


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