Hey there, I’m Elyse Archer, founding team member and personal brand strategist with Brand Builders Group. And today I’m going to teach you one of the biggest things that is holding back the growth and the momentum of your personal brand.


I have these calls all day long with individuals who are interested in growing a personal brand. They want to become a better-known entrepreneur, speaker, or thought leader in their space. And they want to have opportunities come to them because of their reputation and they want to leave a powerful legacy. They want to make a positive impact in the world. But they’re frustrated because they feel like they’re putting in all this effort and nothing is happening.  They’re not sure why, but it’s going slower than they thought it would and they’re feeling really frustrated. Well, I want to share with you a model that we teach at Brand Builders Group today called Sheahan’s Wall.


Sheahan’s Wall

I’m actually gonna do a screen-share as I talk you guys through this. (See Video Below) Essentially, the big challenge is that there is a ton of noise in today’s space. I’ve heard a statistic going around that’s really interesting to me  -- who knows how much of it is true or not. But what it says is that 90% of all of the content ever created in the world has been created in the past two years. And while that sounds like a lot, It’s also not shocking, if you think about the fact that everyone today can be their own media company. So the challenge for you if you’re looking to become known in your space is breaking through that noise. And so there’s a guy who really studies this and how this all works named Peter Sheahan.


We named this concept after him, called Sheahan’s wall. And essentially what Peter says is that in every space and every industry there’s an invisible wall. Now on one side of the wall, you’ve got people who are known. And on the other side, you’ve got people who are unknown. And what’s happening on the side of the unknown is everyone is trying to breakthrough. So they want to have that reputation. They want to have opportunities coming to them. They want to make an impact, have a bigger following, and they want more money. Whatever that thing is for them. But the challenge and the reason why most people never do is that they’re never clear enough on some foundational questions. Most people never spend enough time thinking about what problem do they solve.



What Problem Do You Solve?

Who do you solve it for? What’s your primary business model going be? What’s your positioning in the space? Why you? How are you going to reach those people that you’re going to solve this problem for? And so because they’re not clear on those things, what happens is they end up trying all this different stuff to break through the wall.


And that can look like different messages, different social media, or 10 different offers. It can look like being asked to speak and saying, ‘Yeah, I’ll speak on whatever you want.’  And because your efforts are spread so thin, nothing is ever strong enough to break through that wall. So you may feel like you’re making a little bit of progress, but then as soon as you get those two steps forward, you take one step back.



The Other Side

So the people who do break through the wall are the ones who are clear and focused.


‘I’m going to become known for this one thing.’


And because they go all in and they are so focused on building a reputation and a brand around one thing, they generate enough power, momentum, velocity, and force to then finally break through that wall onto the side of the known.


And then here’s what happens is once you’re on the side of the known: You can pretty much talk about anything and people will listen! So this is one of the big misconceptions. You may look at someone who’s built a big reputation and say, ‘Well, they talk about this and that, and this and that. But here’s the key to break through the wall. They got really, really focused on one specific thing. They went all-in on building a brand around that one thing and because they broke through that wall, then they’ve got that name recognition, where they can pretty much talk about whatever. And people will listen.


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I think a very mainstream example of this is Oprah. It does not matter what Oprah wants to talk about, what products she wants to endorse, what she wants to put her name behind because she is Oprah. People are going to pay attention and they’re going to trust her and take action on what she says. That’s the big thing here. You’ve got to figure out how are you going to break through that wall. To get to the point where it doesn’t matter what you’re selling or endorsing, or asking people to do. They will do it and they’re not going to question it because they trust you.


The Shift

And then here’s the other cool thing about this. The dynamic that shifts is that on the side of the unknown. It feels like a push where it’s you’re reaching out, you’re initiating contact, or you’re trying to let people know you are here. And then on the side of the known, it’s a pull. You no longer have to introduce yourself. People are coming to you to get your expertise, to have you speak, write a book or work with you as a client. That’s really the whole magic here of what happens with that focusing! You’re able to break through the wall quickly, efficiently, and effectively.


I think this clarity and focus is what is typically missing with most of the clients who come to us. What are they going to build their brand around and how are they going to break through that wall in their space?



So to help you guys with this, we actually have a free course, which you can get by simply going to




The free course is called First Step to Famous. It will actually teach you how do you figure out what your thing is going to be! Full disclosure that you’ll receive emails from us as well. I just always like to let people know that ahead of time. If you don’t want to get them, no worries! You can opt-out. That’s cool. But either way, I hope this helps you. And I think this visual is sometimes useful to be able to see, well, what’s really the challenge here and what do you need to do in order to break through that wall?


So I would love for you to sign up for that course. It’s really good, guys. It’s going to help you get clarity on how you’re going to break through the wall in your space and just know that I am cheering you on. You have an important message to share with the world, and I really want you to give generously of your expertise and who you are in order to make your greatest impact. So I hope that was of service to you and I will see you again soon for my next video. Bye. Bye.



Elyse Archer is a founding team member and Personal Brand Strategist with Brand Builders Group whose insights have been featured major media including Forbes and Inc. She is a keynote speaker and host of the Instant Impact podcast. She shares best practices from top business leaders who have created extraordinary relationships and results in less time. With a degree in Journalism from UNC-Chapel Hill and over 10 years experience in the digital marketing industry, Elyse leverages her background to help people position themselves as thought leaders in their space. Visit ElyseArcher.com for more.


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