I talk to people almost every single day who tell me similar stories. They don’t feel worthy. They don’t feel like they have earned their place yet. They’re struggling with the classic impostor syndrome. They say things like, ‘I’m not smart enough,’ or, ‘I’m not talented enough,’ or, ‘I’m not educated enough,’ or, ‘No one wants to hear what I have to say.’


These feelings manifest in not sharing. They manifest in being quiet or lying low.


But as you’re building a personal brand, as you’re trying to grow a company or yourself, putting yourself out there is part of the game. You know you’ve got to overcome that. Whether that’s causing you to hesitate to pick up the phone and call people or to not share on social media, or not record a video you desperately want to… it’s paralyzing you.


You know, deep down, you have something to offer but you just don’t.


I want to tell you something that has helped me overcome that self-doubt. Yes, it’s still there from time to time. Yes, I still struggle with it. I probably always will.


I overcome this with the help of a quote from our friend Larry Winget. He said,


‘Find your uniqueness and exploit it in the service of others.’


That is so freeing to me. It’s like a weight being lifted off of my shoulders. What that means to me is that it ain’t about me. It takes the pressure off of me to perform because I’m not doing it for me. I don’t write or share videos for likes, retweets, or follows. I do it because I feel like I’ve had some experience that can help others in their lives and businesses.


And that is so freeing. I’m doing something to help people. What greater power is there? How much more liberating can it get? It takes the burden off of me because it’s not about Thomas Dodson. It’s about you.


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If I can share something that I’ve experienced, that I’ve gone through, that I’ve learned it and it helps people, well, how can I not do it? It would be selfish of me to hold back.


I’d love to hear from you if you’re struggling with similar feelings. What’s holding you back? What’s keeping you from exploiting your uniqueness in the service of others?

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Thomas Dodson is a founding member and Personal Brand Strategist at Brand Builders Group and is Co-founder of Above The Fray. As a personal brand strategist, Thomas teaches people how to build and monetize their personal brands. In addition, Thomas is a family internet safety expert. He’s spoken at schools, churches, and community centers across the country – educating and engaging parents to get involved in their children’s’ digital lives.


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