Hey there, I am Elyse Archer, Personal Brand Strategist and Video Confidence Coach. Today’s video is for you if you are someone who feels called to do something bigger in the world. To build a business, to launch a program, or get on bigger stages, but you’re scared and you’re questioning whether you can do it or not.


You know, I hear so many times in my coaching calls with clients where they’re feeling called to do something bigger, but there’s this crap that comes up. It’s like this fear where they’re scared of, ‘I’m going to fail, I’m going to look like a fool. People are going to laugh at me. I’m going to look like an idiot.’ And I just want to say today that if that is you, and if those fears are going through your head, I want you to know…


They are not real!


None of that is real!  It is simply your brain trying to keep you safe. Our brain identifies safety as staying where we are. Anytime you are making a commitment to up-level in your life, you can expect that you are going to feel scared. You have to expect that. You’re going to feel like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t do this.’


You can expect that things may start happening in your life that proves to you that you can’t do it. But what you need to know is that all of those things show up for you as opportunities for you to step up and to evolve into the type of person who can do this. That’s what life is all about.


At the end of the day are evolution and growth. How are you improving and getting better in the process? Using these big up-levels that you’re feeling called to make, to transform who you are and to make that next level of impact, because the person you are today who is scared of stepping up, is not the person who’s going to make that next level of impact that you’re feeling called to make.


Refined Through the Fire

You’re going to have to be refined through the fire. You’re going to have to go through the fears and the doubts and the challenges in order to step up. But what you need to know is that all of those things are there to serve you and to help you become that next level of who you are being called to be.


So just know, if you’re feeling called to do something big, expect that you’re going to feel scared. You’re going to feel these fears. It’s part of the process. Don’t let it dissuade you. Don’t let it make you think that something is wrong. Nothing is wrong. If you’re feeling those things, it means that you’re on the edge, right? You’re naturally on your edge, which is great. This is where the change happens, where we get refined through the fire. And this is where we become the person that we’re being called to be.


Show Up Every Day

If you are there today, that is a wonderful thing and I want you to embrace it! Go out into the world and be all of you in this process. Let it be messy. Let yourself do it scared, but keep showing up every single day. And know that there’s going to be a moment where stuff clicks and you’re like, ‘This is what I’ve been going for. This is what I’ve been dreaming of and hoping for all along.’


It’s going to happen for you if you keep showing up every day and just let the fears happen. Let them show up and know that they are not really who you are. It’s all just a part of that evolution process that you’re going to go through as you step up to make this bigger impact in the world. I hear this so often on my calls with clients and I’ve been there too.


I go through this too. We all do. It’s part of the human experience. This message is for me and it’s for you. I hope this serves you today as you are being called into this greater version of who you are and the impact that you’re looking to make. And I’m right there with you.


Support Each Other

Let’s support each other in this process and let’s help each other realize that all of those fears and doubts, it’s just this head trash that’s kind of holding you back. This is your brain hoping that you’re not going to step up and do this bigger thing because it doesn’t know if it’s safe or not. But just know that we are here. We are put on this earth to evolve, to change, to grow, and to be out of our comfort zones.


Unless you’re feeling that fear, then it’s usually like you’re playing small, right? You’re staying safe and there’s nothing great. There’s nothing to celebrate about playing small and staying safe.


Please comment below with what you’re going to do and what you’re feeling called to do that’s bigger in this world. I can help support you in this. And just know I am cheering you on and you are meant to do this thing. And I want to really encourage you and honor you in that process. Lots of love, lots of support. and I can’t wait to see the amazing thing that you do. I’ll see you in the next video.


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Elyse Archer is a founding team member and Personal Brand Strategist with Brand Builders Group whose insights have been featured major media including Forbes and Inc. She is a keynote speaker and host of the Instant Impact podcast. She shares best practices from top business leaders who have created extraordinary relationships and results in less time. With a degree in Journalism from UNC-Chapel Hill and over 10 years experience in the digital marketing industry, Elyse leverages her background to help people position themselves as thought leaders in their space. Visit ElyseArcher.com for more.

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