Ever heard “There’s nothing new under the sun”? That can feel pretty defeating, especially if you’re compelled to get out there and change the world! We work with clients who are answering the call they feel to serve people. They have an idea or product or service they just know will make a difference, but struggle with how to get it out there. How do you take all these amazing ideas and move from concept to a viable business? And then you hear something like the above quote and wonder if it’s even worth trying.


Well my friend, you are the only you in the whole wide world. No one has walked in your shoes, had your experiences, or understood what you understand the way you understand it. If you believe you have something the world needs, what you need is to draw it out of you so you can serve people in ways only you can. This is your uniqueness. This is why people want to work with you over anyone else in your space, because of your lens, your perspective, the way you pull it all together and put it back out there, organize it, provide a structure and move people to action. You know you hear the same message from different sources and suddenly something clicks? You might be just the click some people need.


That’s the bottom line, right? We want to shift thinking, shape behavior, be known as the go-to person – be a thought leader.


But How?

  • What if you could communicate your most important points in a way that reframed things in the minds of your audience, prospects and clients?


  • What if you could say things, through your lens, in a way that stuck with people?


  • What if your way of presenting information moved people to take action?


  • What if those people could repeat it and they helped spread the word about your work because they remembered it, they took action on it and they became better for it?


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What If It Only Took 2 Days?

That’s what we do at Brand Builders Group. Drawing out, getting clear, distilling down, determining key points, developing frameworks, discerning behavior shaping actions – it’s how we help you outline content. Whether for a book, an online course, a workshop, a retreat, a keynote, you take what you know, present it through your lens and now, it’s all new because it comes through you. Creating content is part of building a personal brand.


Come on, …there’s a lot to do! Let us help you!


We have 2 live events coming in August 2019! On August 1-2, we will be hosting Finding Your Brand DNA. Best Seller Book Outline will be on August 28-29th. (This is really not just for someone who wants to write a book, this outline can be applied to any type of content).  For more information about either of these events, CLICK HERE.



Kristen Hartnagel is a Founding Member and Personal Brand Strategist with Brand Builders Group and the creator of the Peace Purpose and Power podcast dedicated to helping people free their imagination and ignite their souls. She is a professional speaker and a certified Infinite Possibilities trainer.


As a Professional Singer, songwriter and recording artist, her favorite way to deliver her message is with keynote concerts. Throughout her career, Kristen has been part of 4 startups. She is a founding member of Brand Builders Group working with NYT bestselling authors, award-winning talent management agents and 7-figure influencers. She is leading a movement to help people release the past, live in the present, and take charge of their future.


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