Rory and AJ Vaden were recently on the Love Intently Podcast with Sophie Kwok.  You can find a link to the podcast a the end of the post.  But first, here are a few of the show highlights:


Building Emotional Intimacy with your Partner with Rory and AJ Vaden


In this week’s episode number 37, we welcome Rory and AJ Vaden. The Vadens co-founded The Brand Builders Group, a personal brand strategy firm where they love to work with individual entrepreneurs and influencers to help them build a rock solid reputation™, connect with their audience and expand their reach.


While other married couples say they could never work with their spouse—the Vadens say, we’re best friends, why WOULDN’T we?


Have you ever wondered if there’s any other way to build intimacy besides sex with your partner? Listen in to hear how the Vaden’s decision to stop having sex until they got married, and to stop drinking alcohol, deepened their emotional connection. You’ll also hear about their commitment to staying debt-free and how it has allowed them to run a business together and still maintain a happy marriage. This conversation will leave you thinking…”I’ve never considered doing that before, but maybe I should…”


The parallel between relationships and personal branding: Find your identity


Rory and AJ co-founded The Brand Builders Group, which is a personal brand strategy firm. They are unique in that rather than working with companies, they work with entrepreneurs and influencers who are passionate about their message and want to become known for this message in their marketplace and increase their presence.


They believe people tend to make the mistake of jumping straight to the visual expression of their brand and miss the very important strategic foundation that grounds who you are, what you stand for and who you serve. Without doing this deep strategic work, your brand message will be disconnected and unclear.


“There’s a parallel between relationships and personal branding. In a relationship, sometimes they just want to meet a mate and go. They don’t do the deep work of figuring out who they are and who they want to be. That’s the deep work we do with a person, we help them find their identity and get really clear on their positioning in the marketplace: what is their expertise and who do they serve.” -Rory Vaden


How to do your own deep individual work and be ready for a relationship?

Rory describes himself as a self-help junkie. He has found studying about The Five Love languages is extremely important—we all give and receive love differently; you can learn more about this by taking the Love Intently Love Personality™ quiz here! Rory also found the Landmark Relationships Seminar to be helpful in terms of relationships and communication.

As for AJ, she has found that having a dedicated community to meet with on a regular basis has been most beneficial in her personal growth. She finds her community through a weekly Bible study. It is her is a place to unload and to lift each other up with like-minded people. She also meets once a month with her local Entrepreneurs Organization, which is more of a business focus, but they still talk about marriage and family.


What does Love Intently mean?

AJ has a beautiful way to explain what Love Intently means to her:



or listen to the full episode on Apple or Spotify:


Sophie Kwok is the founder of Love Intently. She is passionate about empowering people to build thriving relationships. She says, “In a world of big engagements and comparison, Love Intently stands to remind us love doesn’t need to be a production. The everyday little mundane things matter most. Whether it’s a parent-child relationship or a romantic one, start small.”


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