Today I want to talk about what you need to do to launch your brand. Now, some of you may have already launched your brand and it may or may not be going the way you’d like it to be. We are very specific and there’s a seven-point checklist of things that we believe at Brand Builders that must be in place to properly launch a brand.


1. Brand Guidelines

The first one is having your brand guidelines. This is essentially your logo, the right and wrong ways of using your logo, your font and colors. This is really the way that you are going to visually represent yourself across all platforms. So we want to have that in place first. After we have that or simultaneously what you want to do is make sure all of your copy, especially for your homepage is written.


2. Copy

We believe in using a formula or a process called the 15 P’s of writing amazing copy. This is a formula that you can use if you are writing a blog post, video content, a landing page, a registration page, a sales page, whatever it may be, even a keynote. This formula works no matter what you’re writing.




3. Website

Then we want to create your website. We want to make sure your website has a menu bar that is structured correctly and your framework includes the proper call to actions that you want to be pushing and driving people to. Your website also needs to have a blog.


4. Blog Layout

There is a way to layout your blog for not only efficiency but also for success. Part of that is where you drive people to how you visually have it set up. You’ll have lead captures -- ways to get email addresses and also ways to convert people into becoming a potential customer.


5. Video Funnel

This is a four-day video funnel that is to get people to gain your trust. Learning what you’re about and getting some value that will lead them to make a decision on whether or not they want to continue doing business with you or even start doing business with you. So that might be in terms of purchasing a course or getting into coaching. It may be a membership group or buying a ticket to a retreat…whatever your primary business model is going to be. But again, we have to make sure that video funnel is set up so you can actually monetize the work that you’re putting in there and the content you’re putting out.


6. Headers

We want to make sure that your social headers fall in line. Are your banners correctly put up and is there consistency across all platforms? So before you launch, those should all be updated along with your bio.


7. Bio

Your bio should position you as an expert in this space. It is not a resume. It is not a story about you. It is truly why you are so amazing. And let’s make you sound really expensive so that people read it and go, ” I need to work with this person and I want to work with this person!”


Once all of these are in place, you’re ready to go ahead and launch.


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Author: Elle Petrillo, Brand Strategist, Brand Builders Group


Elle is the Host of the upcoming Unfiltered Life Podcast where she challenges people to stop pretending and own who they are. From New York to Montana, Disney Cast member to Door to Door Sales, Partner at 23 to fired at 31, Elle is unapologetically flawed. She is a founding member of Brand Builders Group, where she delivers the honest truth about what it takes to turn your personality into profit.

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