So what does copywriting have to do with a personal brand?


I’m Kristen Hartnagel and I’m a personal brand strategist and founding member of the Brand Builders Group. When it comes to getting your message out into the world and hoping to get traffic to actually convert into customers and clients, writing good copy is the difference between actually converting those people and not converting those people. Far too often we have clients who have spent thousands of dollars on copy that doesn’t work. One person even said they spent $30,000 hiring a professional copywriter, but their website did not convert.


So when we work with personal brand clients, people who are trying to build a business and monetize their personal brand, we actually work with them on developing the proper copy to put on a page, in their emails, or to use from the stage when they’re trying to get their offer across when they’re the keynote speaker. This formula can also be applied in a webinar. Once you know the formula and the psychology and are able to put your heart in it, you’re golden.


The Process

First of all, we need to make sure that it’s conversational. We’re going to climb inside the mind of the person that you’re trying to get to become your client. It’s as if we’re having a dialogue with them. But since it’s not actually a dialogue, we need to make sure we’re anticipating what they’re going to say, what they’re thinking, what they might have as a concern, any fears that might be underlying that could pop up, and keep them from making a decision. All of that has to do with the psychology of how people make buying decisions. We need to make sure we cover all of that when we’re writing copy.  We want to move people to make a buying decision. So we’ve designed this process. It’s the formula that you’re going to want to follow for writing good copy.

Now wait, first things first. You need to know your offer structure so your copy makes sense. Then, you’re ready.



The 15 P’s

I’m just going to briefly go over them and of course, you’re going to need context. So you should probably sign up for our free video series called first steps to famous and get on a free discovery call with me to learn more about what Brand Builders Group does to help you build a personal brand. But in the meantime, here are the 15 Ps for proper effective copywriting.


First, you want to make the Promise. What does your core target audience or Avatar really need?


Then you need to present the Problem. What is the problem that you solve? This is the dichotomy. It kind of sets the stage.


Then what is the Pain? We need to make sure that they’re feeling that they have this problem. Most of the time, people don’t recognize that they have the problem. But when you articulate it, it’s as if the hair on the back of their neck is going to stand up and they’re gonna go, ‘oh my gosh, I totally need that!’


You will then want to create the Premise or describe the epiphany. So you want to tell your story. You can say that you suffered from that same problem. “I was in that exact same situation and then it forced me to develop this process and now I’m going to share it with you.”


And that’s where you’re going to present the Process, which is the fifth P. Then you want to list the Payoffs and then you want to have the evidence or the Proof.


After the proof, you want to present your Promotion. This is what you’re doing with your offer that makes it special for them. Now it’s not the full retail price, but it’s how you’re trying to get them involved in a timely manner. Be sure you present the Price, which is the ninth P.


The tenth P is to Prevent. You want to be proactively thinking about what might pop up in their head as a reason that they might have some hesitancy and address that on the front end.


You want to gain perspective. So the 11th P is Perspective. This is kind of projecting them into the future or describing what life would be like if they decided not to go forward. Of course, you will then want to describe the Payment. How they can go ahead and pay for your product or service.


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And then you want to Pre-answer questions. This could be like a Q and A,  or ‘here are the most common questions.’


Then you want to present the Pull and this is your heartfelt invitation for them to join. Why you know that this was meant for them.


The 15th P is the Person, which is you. You want to describe who you are and why they should be working with you. What makes you unique? Out of all the people in your space, why should they be working with you? What is your uniqueness?


And then, of course, we throw in a bonus P because if you write all of this copy well and you are driving traffic properly to try and convert your audience into customers and clients. If you’ve done it all right, then all that’s left to do is to Pray.


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For the 15 P’s checklist, click here: 15Ps checklist



Kristen Hartnagel is a Founding Member and Personal Brand Strategist with Brand Builders Group and the creator of the Peace Purpose and Power podcast dedicated to helping people free their imagination and ignite their souls. She is a professional speaker and a certified Infinite Possibilities trainer.

As a Professional Singer, songwriter and recording artist, her favorite way to deliver her message is with keynote concerts. Throughout her career, Kristen has been part of 4 startups. She is a founding member of Brand Builders Group working with NYT bestselling authors, award-winning talent management agents and 7-figure influencers. She is leading a movement to help people release the past, live in the present, and take charge of their future. To learn about the power of personal branding, get our free video series here


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