Ever notice how some people are super well connected? What’s their secret? They must be attending every networking event on the planet!


Having great business relationships is about more than ‘who you know’, it’s about who you are, how you show up and what you do. When you’re willing to give of yourself in order to help people it always comes back to you. Now, I’m not suggesting you give with the sole intent of getting, because that kind of energy typically backfires. Rather, when you believe that the more you give of yourself, the more you have to give, you trust that your cup will always be refilled. Giving doesn’t deplete, it replenishes. In other words, what you do comes back to you. I actually wrote a song about it years ago called Who Do You Want to Be, some of the lyrics are “Think about a boomerang, can you stand clear, what you do comes back to you.”
Your sharing, expanding nature is returned …many times over!


Let’s talk about a few techniques using LinkedIn that will expand your reach, by expanding the reach of others.


First, just a time-saving tip; if you’re like many of my clients, you have stacks of business cards you’ve meaning to follow up with but never get around to. Guilty! That was me too until I learned this great way to never have to collect another business card using the LinkedIn App. When you click on the four squares in the search bar, you can select either “Scan” or “My code”. Scan opens your camera. Code brings up your unique QR code. When you meet someone and show them, if they didn’t know about it already, they’ll thank you for teaching them something new! Then, one of you pull up the code, the other the camera, hover the camera over the code and “Voila!”, LinkedIn instantly sends an invitation to connect.


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Ok, onto relationships. One of the best ways to help others is to know who they do business with and help them know more people who may benefit from what they do. This goes beyond referrals. I’m talking about warming up a potential new client with a personal introduction.


When a client or friend of mine tells me they work with businesses to provide training, I pull up my LinkedIn connections and we do a search together through my connections. We apply filters to see connections of mine with the title of CEO, President or Manager, whoever is the title of the person who makes the decision to hire a trainer. When we land on 3-5 individuals, I facilitate an introduction. I either send an email and CC the person for whom I’m making the introduction, or I might send a LinkedIn message to both of them.


The key is in the language. I’m not saying “I think you should do business with this person.” I want to let my connection know ‘this is a person I think is worth knowing’. It’s light and may include humor. It’s about the people, not the potential business opportunity. I’ve made these kinds of introductions for countless people and they’ve reported back thanking me for new clients, new jobs, new podcast guests, new interviews and new friends. And when they call to thank me, they almost always ask, “How can I help you?” And when they do, I’m ready! I’m prepared with a couple of people they know in mind and ask them to send an email on my behalf. I even offer an email template to remove any hassle factor.



Kristen Hartnagel is a Founding Member and Personal Brand Strategist with Brand Builders Group and the creator of the Peace Purpose and Power podcast dedicated to helping people free their imagination and ignite their souls. She is a professional speaker and a certified Infinite Possibilities trainer.

As a Professional Singer, songwriter and recording artist, her favorite way to deliver her message is with keynote concerts. Throughout her career, Kristen has been part of 4 startups. She is a founding member of Brand Builders Group working with NYT bestselling authors, award-winning talent management agents and 7-figure influencers. She is leading a movement to help people release the past, live in the present, and take charge of their future. To learn about the power of personal branding, get our free video series here


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