A really important aspect of building a personal brand is to have a place that is your “digital home.”


This is the place for your reputation or for people to interact with you and your personal brand. And for us, we usually recommend the blog.


This is something that I learned many years ago at the National Speakers Association and Michael Hyatt talks about this in his book, Platform.


When doing Brand Strategy Sessions with our clients, we often run into the question “When is the right time to start publishing my blog?”


For many people, believe it or not, they start blogging too soon. They started blogging before they’re really ready to.


Before you start spending a bunch of time cranking all this content out, you must make sure your blog is ready to capture the traffic that you’re going to be driving to it.


When people come to your site, you need to make sure they have a great experience with you. And that you provide them exactly what they need, what they’re looking for. That may be the only chance you have to capture their email address and get them to come back again.


There is a key litmus test that you need to check before you actually begin your blog.


Here are the four key elements that you need to have before you launch your blog:


1. You need a lead magnet


We’re big fans of Jeff Walker’s book, Product Launch Formula. He suggests doing a three video mini-series. We like this option because anyone can do this on their phone and quickly have content ready to use.


Now, there is some automation and work that needs to be done behind the scenes and this is something we can help you with. But, you need to create that first lead magnet so that people have a reason to opt-in and give you their email address.


ALSO: Be a Magnet, Not a Megaphone


2. You need an RSS lead capture form.


What an RSS does is automatically emails people when you have new content up on your blog. The reason you don’t want to launch your blog until that is set up is that you want people to subscribe so that they automatically get emailed every time you post a new blog.


If you don’t have that setup, then people visit your blog once a year and they never know when to come or, or show up.


So you have to get a separate email subscription list of people who are specifically subscribed to your blog.


3. You need to make sure your social media profiles are all up to date.


This is your bio, which is something we work on with our clients. (We help them create what we call the “10x Bio.”) This is also your banner and profile images, your web links, etc.


4. Make sure your blog has share buttons where people can quickly share your blog out with their network.


Each of these four elements serves a very, very specific purpose. All of them. The thing that all of these four elements have in common is that they are designed to help you get people back to your blog for a second, third, and fourth time.


Once you have those 4 elements, there is one last thing must have before you start blogging – Your Content Diamond.


The Content Diamond is basically our method of repurposing content. It is a 50 point checklist and a system that you run through every time you post a blog. This is something we work with you to create and think through.


You are building an empire, you’re building a skyscraper, and a skyscraper needs a strong foundation and it takes a little while to build the proper foundation.


Once you have this foundation set, that is when you go into full launch mode and you really start cranking out the content, which becomes the lifeblood of your brand.


Don’t feel the pressure to just get stuff out there, You don’t want to start too early.


This is something we guide our clients through. We lead them every step of the way.


If you are interested in learning how we can help you, request a call with one of our Personal Brand Strategists.

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