By definition, your reputation is the general belief or opinion that other people have about you. It is the general BELIEF or OPINION that OTHERS have about you.


Whether or not you have that belief or opinion of yourself does not matter.


At Brand Builders Group, we believe reputation is actually a formula that looks like this:




There are people in this world that are amazing self-promoters. They have mastered the ‘humble brag.’ This person knows the right time, place, and medium to share an accomplishment that helps shape the perception that they want people to have of them.


And that is really important to do. Because here’s the thing, if no one knows what you’re doing (results) then your reputation is flat. It is neutral. When you have a flat reputation, it is equivalent to not having one.


On the flip side, there are people who have a lot of influence (reach). They may have built a large social media following randomly or they are natural born connectors, but they have never thought about creating something to serve their built-in platforms.


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For example, we have a client that built a Facebook page to over 550K followers in just a few short years. She started it as a book club and it exploded due to the popularity of the book. This client had the attention of more than 550K people and had no idea what to do with it to the point that she almost turned it over to a friend because it wasn’t something she was passionate about.


The point is, even if you already have a large audience, if it is not in line with your passion, then you end up doing a whole lot of nothing. When people don’t know what to associate you with or attach you to, again, your reputation flatlines.


The Formula


Another key point to this is the formula does not say the words Positive or Negative. It just says reputation. It’s simple. It works like this:


Good Results x Large Reach = Positive Reputation

Bad Results x Large Reach = Negative Reputation


Good Results x Small/No Reach = No Reputation

Bad Results x Small/No Reach = No Reputation.


If you are trying to build a brand or raise the profile of your business, you must have a reputation. To learn more about how to build your reputation, click here to request a free call.


Author: Elle Petrillo, Brand Strategist, Brand Builders Group

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