What happens when you pull together 10 accomplished, creative entrepreneurs and executives for two days to help them build their personal brands?


Absolute magic.


That’s exactly what happened at the first-ever “Finding Your Brand DNA” live event held by the Brand Builders Group on November 29 – 30, 2018.


The event was held at The Engine by C3, one of Nashville’s most modern and state-of-the-art event venues. Attendees included bestselling authors, a former Miss Nevada, a celebrity photographer, and multiple CEOs and executives in industries such as event planning, real estate, financial services, coaching, and operations.

Brand Builders Group Co-founder, Rory Vaden, kicking off our first live event


Over the course of the two days, attendees were led through facilitated exercises and group conversations to help get clarity around critical questions such as:

  • What problem do I solve?
  • What is my message?
  • What is my uniqueness?
  • Who is my core target audience?
  • How do I reach them?
  • What sort of content should I be creating and how?
  • How do I monetize traffic to my website?
  • And more 


The diverse backgrounds of our event participants led to the sharing of unique insights and ideas amongst the group. Participants benefited from fresh perspectives and new strategies they hadn’t considered before.


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Several of the participants were solopreneurs or work from home, and they shared that getting out of their typical environment and in a group of people all working toward the same goal helped them feel supported and invigorated in their work.


New friendships, strategic alliances, and potential business partnerships were formed amongst group members as the two days progressed, making for an extremely productive and profitable event for each attendee.

Brand Builders from across the country working on their personal brands at our first live event


The unanimous reaction from attendees was that the event helped them get tremendous clarity on the uniqueness of their personal brand and how to elevate their positioning within their category. Each participant left equipped with rock-solid strategies for reaching their audience, monetizing their brand, and making the impact they feel called to make in the world.


Top New York real estate agent Keir Weimer shared his thoughts on how the event impacted his business in this video.


By popular request, we have created a live event series for 2019 that is open to anyone who wants to learn how to implement best-in-class strategies for clarifying and growing their personal brand.  Topics will include:

  • Finding Your Brand DNA
  • Brand Creation
  • Brand Monetization
  • As well as specialty events that may include podcasting, launching a bestselling book, and becoming a top keynote speaker


To learn more about our 2019 event lineup and to reserve your spot at our next event, click here.

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