Grow Your Business, Build Your Brand

Get Certified as A Personal Brand Strategist

Our personal brand strategists work with clients in a 1-on-1 coaching environment, they facilitate small group workshops, and they conduct personalized immersive sessions to help each person build and monetize their personal brand. 


One of the obstacles with certification programs is that once you have the information, it’s up to you to go and find your own clients…but we give them to you and then pay you to work with them!

Usually when you get certified in a program that means, in addition to learning a brand-new set of content, you now also have to:

  • Learn how to market yourself
  • Develop great sales skills to secure business
  • Create some sort of tracking, reporting and accounting system to process clients
  • Purchase technology to run your business
  • Build retention methods
  • Promote yourself 
  • Spend advertising dollars
  • Hire staff

And… deliver all the content to the clients you bring on!

The certification program at Brand Builders Group helps you focus on what you do best, deliver incredible value to your clients and build great long lasting relationships, while removing your least favorite tasks and moving other burdens off your plate!

Our strategist program is built for the “intrapreneur” who has an entrepreneurial spirit but wants to build a business helping mission driven messengers build their personal brand … without the headache of managing a back office. Our certified strategists are focused on delivering exceptional service and results to their Brand Builders Group client roster while also having the freedom and flexibility to generate their own clients as much or as little as they want.

We provide the clients; you help them get exceptional results.

Our certified strategists include:

  • 8 figure Entrepreneurs
  • Professional Speakers
  • Podcast Hosts
  • Certified Copywriters
  • Creative Designers
  • Agency Owners
  • Brand Managers
  • Million Dollar Consultants
  • Business Coaches
  • Sales & Leadership Trainers

All with one thing in common, a shared set of content we use to teach, coach, consult and help our clients to launch and grow their personal brands.

the process

Our certification process is a simple yet effective method of both classroom style learning, interactive exercises and hands on content application through our live events.  We don’t just share information; we show you what to do and involve you in the process. 

Get certified for our flagship branding curriculum, Finding Your Brand DNA, in just 4 days and start the process of building your coaching, speaking and consulting business as a personal brand strategist.

What’s Included In Your Annual Certification?


Content Certification

With your annual fee, you get certified in 3 of our Brand Builders Group curriculum each year.


Become an Automatic Affiliate

Along with your certification you become an automatic affiliate of Brand Builders Group, which means you will receive a lifetime referral fee on any lead you pass our way. 


Register as an Implementation Partner

Once you become certified you can also register to be one of our preferred implementation partners. Upon approval, the outside services you currently provide are now available to our growing client roster as well.


Get Clients

This is truly what makes us different from any other program out there. Once you get certified we give you business. It’s a built-in and guaranteed ROI for you and your business.

Grow Your Client Roster Without the Headache of Finding Your Own Clients

Imagine a world where you could spend your time doing what you love most. Working with your clients.

  • More time spent helping your clients accomplish their goals
  • Less time sending bills and invoices
  • More time growing your knowledge and expertise
  • Less time trying to track down leads that won’t call you back
  • More time building a referral-based business from an established book of business
  • Less time trying to set up processes and systems that don’t work


Check out what a few of our personal brand strategists have to say about working with us

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Rafat Fields

Rafat Fields is a 7-figure corporate sales producer, branding expert, NASM certified personal trainer, and USA Olympic Weightlifter. She has spent over 16 years elevating high performance as a sales and marketing expert for Fortune 100 companies. 

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Macy Robison

Macy Robison is a StoryBrand Certified Marketing Consultant and personal brand strategist who specializes in helping thought leaders and authors grow their business as well as their platform. She’s responsible for helping her clients reach a combined 3.2 million followers across their social media platforms and email lists and produces three podcasts with a combined 1.5 million downloads.

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Stephen Scoggins

Stephen Scoggins is a Best Selling Author, the founder of The CHE Companies, The Journey Principle Institute and creator of the Transform U Framework, a successful multi-million-dollar entrepreneur and motivational speaker. 

Why You Should Get Certified

Our strategists get certified with Brand Builders Group because we have created a built-in model to get both content certified AND get paid.

We generate the leads, we make the sale, and then we assign those leads to you – our certified strategist. It’s a built in ROI for you, which makes it a no brainer for the right candidate.

You should get certified if you are:

  • An entrepreneur at heart but want less headache
  • Ready to work with a group of like-minded individuals all sharing a common purpose
  • Established in your own right but are looking to grow your service offerings
  • Want to jump on the personal branding bandwagon
  • Working in a related field and this would be an ideal add on for your existing clients
  • Looking for additional income streams
  • In need of a course curriculum to follow to start your coaching and consulting business in the personal marketing space
  • Tired of working with corporate brands and would like a change in scenery

Become a Personal Brand Strategist in 3 Simple Steps


Fill out our application form. 


Complete your information marketing series.


Schedule a call with one of our senior leaders.

We only certify a limited number of strategists each year. This is not a numbers game for us, it’s finding a mutual fit with the right person.

We got into this business because we believe that every person has a voice that matters.

And, that voice needs to be heard.

We know that our clients need someone dedicated to their personal brand to help them succeed. They need support, guidance, accountability and they need feedback, brainstorming and some good ole fashioned honesty. That is what we do for our clients.

Our strategy lays the groundwork for you, the personal brand strategist, to help our clients live out their calling and, in the process, for you to live out your calling. 

We want to be on that journey with our clients and we want to be on that journey with you.

Upcoming Certification Dates