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There are so many classes, courses, blogs, webinars, and books out there that tell you how to start a personal brand and make money from it. We did the work for you and compiled the 7 books that you must-have, must-read, and must-implement to build and monetize your personal brand.


DOTCOM SECRETS by Russell Brunson


This book is a gold mine of aha moments on how to sell successfully online through a variety of funnels.  It is THE playbook to winning with funnels.




If your website isn’t leading to conversion, this book is the solution.  If you execute the roadmap inside, your messaging will be so clear that your customers will begin to engage more.


LAUNCH by Jeff Walker


Part of having a dialed in offering for people to buy is having a strategy to make them want to buy.  Launching any product, course, membership group is a science and your ability to do it well greatly increases when applying all the knowledge from this book.




In personal branding it is not enough to just be amazing.  You have to be useful.  The entire premise of this book is to give away a massive amount of useful information for free to create long-term trust and kinship with your customers.   In return, this will keep you front of mind and keep them coming back for more.  Read this to find out how to market your brand differently from the status quo.




If you dream about making money while you sleep, that is what you will learn from this book.  When you combine your e-mail list with the right automation tools, you can make this dream your new reality.


ALSO: Be A Magnet Not A Megaphone


ASK by Ryan Levesque


Your customers will tell you everything that you need to know about what interests them and what they need.  All you have to do is… ask!  The key is to ask them indirectly because people do not necessarily know what they need and want.  This book will tell you how to capture this information and use is to grow your personal brand.


POP! by Sam Horn


In a world where you are constantly competing for people’s attention, you have less than 30 seconds to capture your audience.  If you are anything like me, there are 3 reasons why you would give a book at the store a 2nd glance.  You have heard about this book from several people, you recognize the author and are a fan OR the title captured your interest.  This book helps you make your brand content purposeful, original and pithy.


Bonus Tip:  Read these in order as they are listed!


We would love to hear your feedback as you read each want.  Feel free to share your thoughts below.  If you want to keep learning more about our favorite resources at Brand Builders Group, follow us on Instagram.